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There are 2 ways to earn cash once you have entered a Team:
1. Refer a Friend:
Enter the Name and Email Address of anyone you think might like to play the Game.
They will get sent an email with a recommendation from you and a PIN number which they use to Log In and Select a Team.
You will then receive 2 for every Team they pay for. You can also View your Referrals in real time.
2. Create a Super League:
Use a Team to Create a League. If at least 5 paying Teams (including your own) join your League before the Game ends on Dec 31st you will receive 4 for each paid-up Team that joins.
Go to the Super League Admin Area to view all the Stats and Payments relating to your Super League. You will also be able to use the Multiple Email Sender to invite potential players to join your League as well as the downloadable Sign Up Sheet which you can pin up in your Office, Club, Bar or wherever.
All the cash will be paid to the PayPal account which is set up when you pay the Entry fee for your Team(s). Please note that you must be Over 18 to set up this account.
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