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Use the Free Sign Up to receive a PIN number by email.
You can then Log In to the site with this PIN and Select a Fantasy Team.
You must choose a Team of 11 Premiership players:
1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders and 3 Forwards.
You have a maximum spending limit of 55 million and no more than 2 players can come from any Premiership team.
Points & Updates
Throughout the Game (Sep 13th - Dec 31st) Your Players score Points for their match performances. Only Premiership Matches are included.
Points Updates are done on Sunday Nights and Weekday Mornings after any Matches. Your Team(s) will then have a new points total and position in the 10 Teams Rankings or the Free Teams Rankings. If any of your Teams have created or joined a Super League, its position is also displayed in Your Super League.
Any Super League that consists of at least 5 Teams also competes against each other. The points of the Top 20% (or Top 5, whichever is the greater) performing Teams in the Super League (Free Teams included) are averaged out and displayed in the All Super Leagues Rankings.
Entry Fee, Prizes & Cash Incentives
Prizes are awarded to the Top 3 Paying Teams as well as the Top 3 Super Leagues (prize goes to the creator) when the Game ends on Dec 31st.
Each Team costs 10 to enter the Prize Leagues. This will also allow you to create up to 4 new Free Teams. Use the Refer-a-Friend feature to earn 2 back for each 10 Team entered by one of your referrals. Click Here for more details.
Any 10 Team can be used to Create a Super League. You will be the Super League Co-ordinator and can invite friends to Sign Up and enter Teams into your League. If you get at least 5 paid-up Teams in the League, you will receive 4 for every paid-up Team that joins. The League will also be in the race for the Prizes.
If you pay to play, you can Create another Team, give it a Name and Choose its Players. You get sent a PIN number for each Team but you can Log In with any of these PIN numbers and still access all of the Teams you own.
Team Changes
No more changes to your Team Players are allowed as the Game has started. However, there will be a Transfer Window in the third week of November when you can make up to 3 changes.
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