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Our Philosophy
Although Raise Your Game is a new online Fantasy Football Game, the developers have had experience with previous football-based games (Correct Score was launched for the World Cup 2002 and continued to entertain people throughout last season's Premiership).
We believe that there is a great thirst for Fantasy Football for the Premiership. We can all feel more involved in the most exciting league in the world if we have an interest, testing our football knowledge and competing amongst our friends and colleagues. The site is designed to maximise this participation. The Super Leagues enable networks of people to get together and share in the frustrations and glory of the football. Our incentive schemes are designed to maximise the reach of these networks and provide some recompense for the hard work that you do in contacting people and persuading them to play.
We also hope that our game will be a more intimate experience than the games run by the large newspapers. We are unsure of the numbers we will get in Game 1 so have had to implement the Prize amounts contingent on the number of Teams participating. We hope that, with your help, we can reach the 5000 Teams target so that the prizes are worthwhile and we can afford to continue developing the site. Especially since we have not partnered with any commercial enterprises and the only concession we make to commercialism is the banner you see at the top of every page. Our partners are you, the football fans.
We want to ensure that the site is always benefiting the people who use it most so please get involved by emailing us with your suggestions and feedback.
Our Team
Robert Franks is the lead developer and ideas man. He is a keen Seagulls fan and hopes for a quick return to Division 1 this season (even without Zamora!)
Diccon Towns is in charge of design. He is an Aston Villa fan and can vaguely remember them winning the European Cup back in the distant past.
To contact us, please send an email to
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